Religion Courses -Distance/Correspondence
Courses ordered from this page are non-resident, non-online courses completed solely via correspondence. Each course shipment includes 12 lecture DVD's, lecture notes, course instructions, and a research log. Go to the Online Campus if you wish to study online, or contact us to attend resident classes.

RL223 End Times - 3 credits
Designed to answer the ever-present questions regarding the last days. Discusses verses such as Matthew 16; 24, Mark 13; Luke 21; Acts 17; Revelation 20 from a Hebraic perspective.
Instructor: Moseley

RL333 The Presence of the Lord - 3 credits
Instructions on how to walk and live “face to face” with God.
Instructor: Moseley

RL353 Prophets and Prophecy in the Bible - 3 credits
Provides an in-depth study of prophets throughout scripture, including their homes, travels and prophecies.
Instructor: Moseley

RL423 What We Believe and Why - 3 credits
This course cuts through several difficult and often ignored subjects such as: The Holy Spirit, Judgments, Salvation, Tithes, The Eucharist, Heaven, Hell, Angels and Church Order.
Instructor: Moseley

RL363 613 Laws I - 3 credits
An in-depth analysis of each of the 613 Laws of God as enumerated in the Torah. Deals with such questions as: Is God’s Law relevant to Christians? Which laws are applicable to Jews today? Which laws are applicable to non-Jews? What is the purpose behind dietary laws? Which laws were culturally, rather than spiritually, relevant? What about God’s grace?
Instructor: Moseley

RL373 613 Laws II - 3 credits
A continuation of the previous course, with emphasis on guilt offerings and daily Temple service. Covers commandments listed from Leviticus 5:6—20:14.
Instructor: Moseley

RL383 613 Laws III - 3 credits
Continuing with the previous course, covering Leviticus 21:1—Numbers 35:7. Discusses religious purity, divorce, vows and sanctified vessels.
Instructor: Moseley

RL473 613 Laws IV - 3 credits
A continuation of the previous course, examining each negative and positive commandment listed from Numbers 35:12—Deuteronomy 20:16.
Instructor: Moseley

RL483 613 Laws V - 3 credits
Continuation of the previous course, covering Deuteronomy 20:16—31:19.
Instructor: Moseley

RL253 Role of Women in Biblical Times - 3 credits
An historical and cultural examination of the place of women in the synagogue and early Christian church, as well as the impact of noted church leaders in invalidating the vital role of women in official church ministry positions.
Instructor: Moseley

RL113 Understanding Hebrew Thought - 3 credits
This course compares the basic Hebraic thought to Greek or Western thinking. Topics include: The Jewishness of the biblical times; Gentiles, Jews and the special emphasis of Jewish heritage; Judaism and the earliest church; Heretics and the Jewish revolts; Anti-Semitism and the church; The Old Testament Hebraic foundation of the church; The ideas involved in Hebraic thought; The church and error; Marriage and family through Jewish eyes; Passover and the Last Supper; Jews, Christians and the land of Israel; and Jewish methods of teaching and Hebraic education.
Instructor: Moseley

RL503 Ancient Jewish Prayer - 3 credits
Looks at the various methods of praying used by both ancient and modern Jews and the various customs associated with them.
Instructor: Moseley

RL513 Covenant Relationships - 3 credits
Covers not only the ancient covenants, but some almost— forgotten principles that will help you today, such as the salt covenant.
Instructor: Moseley

RL743 Heresies of the Early Church - 3 credits
A study of the numerous heretical doctrines and practices which crept into the early church from its inception, and which continue to influence the church today.
Instructor: Moseley

PH633 Comparative Religions - 3 credits
This research course compares and contrasts the various religions throughout the world.
Instructor: Moseley

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